Odor removal

Odors can spoil a perfect atmosphere inadequately. Odor removal is a must do for everyone. Primary task is cleaning the upsetting area first. You have to find out where the pungent odor is coming from. After marking that spot, clean it with soap and broom with some antifungal solvent. Cooking smoke and other smoke can cause bad odor. To remove this you have to allow some fresh air to get in.
If you have pet it may be really difficult for odor removal. If you cannot find out the target spot you have to take the help of black light. Body fluids contain phosphorus. Black light can spot phosphorus with the help of ultraviolet ray. After highlighting the spot you can clean with antibacterial hygienic solvent.
Carpets can form odors for various reasons like spoiled foods, drinks and other elements. So you have to vacuum correctly to maintain its fresh smell. Carpet cleaning is must for bad odor removal.
Another source of bad odor is refrigerator. You have to remove expired foods daily. Once in a while clean up your fridge with antibacterial mild soap.