Fire damage removal

Fire can damage property within a very short period. Fire damage removal consists of the techniques which can restore the properties damaged by fire and smoke. Sometimes smoke is more harmful than actual fire.
What to do:
• Apply safety directions provided by fire department.
• Open windows and doors. Fresh air will move in and push smoke out.
• Replace your items which can be damaged easily like carpets, mattresses, curtains, wooden furniture etc.
• Disconnect all electronic plug-ins.
• Don’t eat anything from your refrigerator. All food items may require disposal.
• Children and pets should not be inside the hose.
• All the belongings wet from during fire damage removal process should be taken out to dry.
• Carpets should be vacuumed immediate after fire occurrence or you can use any carpet cleaning Services.
• Indoor plants should be cleaned accurately.
• Furniture inside residence drenched by fire control crew must be cleaned with vacuum cleaner.