Mold and mild dew removal

Mold and mild dew removal process helps domestic environment best carpet cleaning service clean and healthy.
Causes of molds and mildews:
• Molds are caused by moisture. Molds are found in watery areas like bathrooms, kitchen sink and any water soaked areas.
• Throw away leaky and absorbent things. Molds can fill up the pores and cracks of these materials.
• Molds are tough to be removed entirely. You can provide only a temporary solution. After a certain time span mold will come back.

How to remove

MENAGE TOTAL, removal includes following:
• Use vinegar: Pour some white vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray over the affected areas. Let it dry completely.
• Use bleach: make a mixture of bleach and warm water. A cup of bleach needs a gallon of warm water. Deep a brush into this mixture and rub over the affected area.
• Use borax: make a mixture of borax and warm water as the same quantity mentions before. Dip a brush and apply on the mold affected area.
• You also can use these tricks for carpet cleaning.